How Much Cake I Need? - Help your Customers Decide How Much Cake they Need.

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Help your Customers with Cake size and tiers based on Number of Guests with this helpful guide and a calculator.

The size of cake needed can be tricky to figure out, mainly since the number of servings varies based on the cake size, height, and the size of each slice.
To make things more interesting, layered and tiered cakes will serve more people so using the shape and width is only a part of the equation.

Quick Guideline Chart

 Usually The size of the portion will vary based on the occasion (Height may vary).

  • Slice of Wedding cake is typically  4 inch high 2 inches long by 1 inch wide (Small)
  • Slice of Parties is typically 4 inch high 2 inches long by 2 inch wide (Standard)
  • Slice of Dessert Cake Hotel/ Home is typically 4 inch high 3 inches long by 3 inch wide (Large)

Cake Calculator

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