Identify your Cake/ Baked Goods Sell Price Easily Now With These Two Free Calculators.

Not Sure how much your Cake or Baked Items, goods sell price should be?
​No worries We are Providing two standard Methods to calculate Cake sell price, You can go with any of the method. Below are some guidelines to use calculation methods. ​
  • If you are beginner or intermediate you can use Method#2.  
  • If you are pro designer then you can use Method#1 with your hourly rate.

Material cost: You can consider ingredients, decoration and Packaging cost for a product/ cake based on your recipe measurements and decoration items etc. 
Overhead cost: You can calculate and consider hourly rent, electricity and any other overheads

Note: Prices does not calculate taxes
We encourage your queries, comments and issues in comment section of this blog accordingly We can keep improving the calculator.

Calculation Method #1

Sell Price

Calculation Method #2 (Recommended)
Sell Price