10 Basic list of things you should have for Cake Decoration

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  1. Offset spatula - This is a long, thin spatula with a slightly curved blade that is used for spreading frosting and smoothing the sides of a cake.

  2. Icing bags and tips - Icing bags are used for filling with icing or frosting and applying it to a cake. Icing tips are used to create different shapes and designs with the frosting.

  3. Cake decorating turntable - This is a rotating stand that is placed on the table and holds the cake in place while you decorate it.

  4. Scraper - A scraper is a flat, rectangular tool with a smooth edge that is used for smoothing the sides and top of the cake.

  5. Pastry brush - A pastry brush is used for applying glazes or other liquid toppings to the cake.

  6. Fondant smoother - This is a smooth, flat tool that is used for smoothing and shaping fondant.

  7. Rolling pin - A rolling pin is used for rolling out fondant or dough to the desired thickness.

  8. Cake leveler - This is a tool with a long, straight blade that is used for cutting the top of the cake to make it level.

  9. Piping bags - These are similar to icing bags, but they are typically used for applying thicker or more detailed frosting designs.

  10. Decorating combs and tools - Decorating combs and tools are used for creating texture and designs on the frosting or fondant.

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